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Changing keyboard mapping

If you are having issues with keys in the wrong place on Raspi-LTSP on your keyboard, you may need to change your keyboard layout. It is recommended you first test it on a running Raspberry Pi then select the final working layout on the server.

Changing keyboard mapping on a Raspberry Pi

Launch a terminal and enter dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration. This will launch the configuration utility allowing you to select your keyboard model. To test it, enter invoke-rc.d keyboard-setup start. If it does not fix it, try another option in the keyboard-configuration panel.
If you loose control of your keyboard, just reboot your Raspberry Pi and all configuration changes will be reverted.

Changing keyboard mapping for all Raspberry Pis via the server

Once you have figured out the needed keyboard mapping, open a terminal on the server and enter sudo ltsp-chroot dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration. Select the required layout and then recompress the operating system with ltsp-update-image /opt/ltsp/armhf.