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Understanding the boot folder files

The autogenerated boot folder (stored in /home/YourUser/piboot) is made up of a number of configuration files and boot files.

  • System.map-KERNEL – A debug file for kernel panics.

  • Bootcode.bin – Untouched Raspberry pi bootloader.

  • Cmdline.txt – Default kernel config file, contains NBD server IP address, by default this is

  • Cmdline2.txt – cmdline.txt’s twin, only here for maintaining legacy setups

  • CmdlineLocalSD – The cmdline.txt file with the kernel settings for a standard Raspbian OS.

  • CmdlineNBD.txt – The cmdline.txt file with the kernel settings for Raspi-LTSP NBD booting.

  • CmdlineNFS.txt – The cmdline.txt file with the kernel settings for Raspi-LTSP NFS booting (legacy).

  • Config-LTSP – The main Raspberry Pi config.txt file for Raspi-LTSP.

  • ConfigLocal.txt – The main Raspberry Pi config.txt for local Raspbian booting.

  • Config.txt – The current in use config.txt file, by default boots Raspi-LTSP.

  • Config_standard – The main raspberry Pi config.txt for Raspi-LTSP with overclocking disabled.

  • Fixup.dat, fixup_cd.dat, fixup_x.dat – Untouched Raspbian boot files

  • Initrd.img-KERNEL – The initrd used by Raspi-LTSP. An initrd is a mini Linux operating system used to kickstart the main operating system. It contains the bootmenu script.

  • Initrd.img-KERNEL-NoMenu – The old initrd used by Raspi-LTSP. It does not contain the bootmenu script.

  • Kernel_emergency.img – An untouched Raspbian recovery kernel.

  • Start.elf, start_cd.elf, start_x.elf – Untouched Raspbian boot files.

  • Vmlinuz-KERNEL – The main Raspi-LTSP kernel.

Additional files you may have

  • Kernel.img – An untouched Raspbian kernel.

  • Initrd.img – An untouched Raspbian Initrd (very rarely used)