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Editing the operating system outside of Raspi-LTSP

Although Raspi-LTSP allows you to perform most actions a standard user would need to the Raspbian operating system from within Raspi-LTSP, it is understandable if advanced users may want to directly modify configuration files or install programs on the Raspbian operating system manually.

The key things you need to know are

  • The Raspbian operating system is stored at /opt/ltsp/armhf
  • To “chroot” into it (basically allows you to interact with it like a normal Raspberry Pi sudo ltsp-chroot --arch armhf To exit when you are finished, just type exit and hit enter.

  • The lts.conf file (LTSP armhf configuration file) is stored at /opt/ltsp/armhf/etc/lts.conf

  • To manually compress the operating system for use after a change ltsp-update-image /opt/ltsp/armhf

  • The raw boot files before configuration changes have been made can be found at https://github.com/gbaman/RaspberryPi-LTSP/tree/master/boot